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Mach 1 Engineering is the approved partner for installation and servicing of Renzacci and Barbanti wet cleaning and finishing machinery, for use in Dry Cleaners and Laundries across the United Kingdom.

The range of products includes; Commercial Washing Machines, Commercial Tumble Dryers, Coin-Operated Washing Machines, Industrial Washing Machines, Eco Range, Hygienic Barrier and Industrial Tumble Dryers.

The Mach 1 Engineering team provides installation and support for a wide range of business sectors such as launderettes, care homes, hospitality and sports clubs to name just a few!

Our expertise in the industry is second to none and for further information call us on: 01306 882393 or email: enquiries@mach1-engineering.co.uk

Approved Installer for RENZACCI and BARBANTI

Mach 1 Engineering are approved installers and service partners for Renzacci, who make Dry Cleaning and Laundry machinery and Barbanti who manufacture commercial Finishing equipment for Dry Cleaners and commercial Laundries.

Our service team provide installation for Dry Cleaners and Laundries across the United Kingdom. We pride ourselves on providing professional service for Laundries, Care Homes, Hospitals, Sports Clubs and many more.

Our Service Team are available 7 days a week, please contact us for further information on: 01306 882393 or email: enquiries@mach1-engineering.co.uk


  • Commercial Washing machines
  • Commercial Tumble Dryers
  • Coin Operated Machines
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  • Barbanti Shirt Machines
  • Barbanti Trouser Machines
  • Barbanti Jacket Machines
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High Quality Laundry Machinery for many applications including...

Commercial Laundries

Nursing Homes

Gyms/Sports Clubs