Industrial Laundry Machinery

Coin-Op, Eco, Hygienic Barrier and Tumble Dryers


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At Mach 1 Engineering we have an exclusive range of Renzacci Laundry equipment, and are able to cater to every sector and application.

Laundry Washing Machine and Tumble Dryer sizes ranging from 9kg to 120kg.

The range of Renzacci machinery includes; Commercial Washing Machines, Tumble Dryers, Coin-Operated Washing Machines, Industrial Washing Machines, Eco Range, Hygienic Barrier and Industrial Tumble Dryers.

Industrial Laundry Machinery

Coin Operated Machines

Industrial Washing machines

Eco Range

Hygienic Barrier Washer

Industrial Tumble Dryers

Machine Removals

Mach 1 Engineering offer a Machine Removal service for businesses that are shutting down, cease trading and that need to relinquish stock

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High Quality Laundry Machinery for many applications including...

Commercial Laundries

Nursing Homes

Gyms/Sports Clubs