Barbanti Jacket Former – 467

Form Finishers for outerwear (jackets, coats, dresses of any fabric or size), also ideal for washed garments. User-friendly machines, with fast and programmable finishing cycles, for top-quality automatic finishing.

  • Steam superheater
  • Height-adjustable bust, operated by hydraulic cylinder
  • Pneumatic adjustable side expanders, for garment tensioning during the finishing process
  • Adjustable blades pressur
  • Computer operated functions, for any finishing requirements.
  • Possibility to switch off any unnecessary functions (i.e. rear blade, side expanders, bust extension)
  • Possibility to set the pre-finishing and the final phase either automatically or manually
  • Possibility to manually operate additional steam, air or steam+air mix, at operator’s discretion

Model 467 is equipped with nearly 360° rotating bust. Besides the front and rear blades of the previous models, it also has 2 blades for back vents and 2 smaller blades for side vents (e.g. for surgeons’ jackets).

The opening of the side expanders can be either automatic, in case of jackets without vents, or controlled by the operator. These functions can also be switched off by means of the computer.

On demand: new touch screen computer, user-friendly and straightforward, with integrated piece counter and troubleshooting function.


  • Photocell for automatic bust height adjustment
  • 2 HP motor
  • 14 litre built-in boiler
  • Frequency inverter (467 only
  • Touch screen computer (467 only)