Renzacci Excellence 2.0 – KWL 35 SMS Compact

Capacity: 15/17, Tanks: 2 / Hydrocarbon

The Excellence 2.0 Range combines excellent cleaning quality with user friendliness and reduced maintenance and operating costs. Its capacity to process multiple solvents is second-to-none, including Isoparaffin or Silicon-based hydrocarbon solvents, Green Earth, System K4 or new alternative and natural solvents.


  • Innovative computer touch screen “I-BRAIN”
  • Innovative filtration system with dynamic micro-filtration and 6th generation NO FLEX filters
  • Two tanks with self-cleaning technology and choice from a rich range of versions and models
  • GLOBALFLOW, revolutionary quick-drying system with multi-combined total-diffusion air flow
  • “TOP MULTIGRADE SYSTEM” suspensions with double built-in balance control (only on models with soft mounted drum)
  • Distillation system of stainless steel for instant purification of the solvent “ENERGY MASTER” with low energy consumption and self-cleaning action
  • And much more …