Coin-Operated Washing Machines

Renzacci HS9-22kg Coin-Operated Washers

Leaders in style and innovation, Renzacci offers new techniques for personal cleaning with state-of-the-art laundry equipment.

  • Futuristic design with ‘opposed undulation’ which provides maximum silence, stability and solidity of the machines
  • Drum with ‘Aqua Wave System’ for an optimal and personalised washing performance with each specific garment treated
  • Extra large stainless steel loading door with global vision loading techniques
  • Enhanced G-force for a more efficient extraction and high savings on ironing costs
  • Water temperature programming device ‘Eco Mix’ to perform the most difficult and delicate washing cycles
  • Potential to fit up to 5 dosing pumps for liquid soaps
  • Coin mechanism as standard
  • Option for Renzacci euro key override
  • New coin-op version with combined payment and differentiated rate “Water way”
  • 5 machines available in the range 9KG(20LB), 11KG(25LB), 13KG(30LB), 16KG(36LB) and 22KG(48LB)