Renzacci R+ Plus

The Renzacci Dryers division modifies the concept of air flow and starts a new era for the drying of garments by putting together long lasting materials, sturdiness of the structures and respect for the garments natural softness and colours.

This system increases the effectiveness and delicacy of the drying process by reducing cycle time and energy costs.

  • New stainless steel housing for a stronger holding
  • Reduction of noise and Vibrations
  • Exclusive Renzacci PDC (power dynamic control) system
  • Standard rotational No leisure system completely eliminating all the problems of wear and tear and replacement of the drive belts.
  • Micro-Filtration system with self large self cleaning filters
  • Extra large loading door
  • Soft dry computer, free to set programmes, times and temperatures in a simple and flexible way
  • Perfect for the treatment of the most delicate garments and to perform the best wet cleaning techniques
  • Anti fold rotation
  • Linen positioning system
  • Adjustable drying speed through the inverter
  • Residual Humidity sensor