Renzacci WB35 Sanitary Barrier Washer

Provided with the most modern and sophisticated management and safety control systems, thus allowing absolute certainty to reach flawless and sure results and thus guaranteeing hygiene and washing of the highest quality.

An important implementation suitable for hospital, clinics, elderly homes and for all those activities where it is necessary to separate dirty and clean goods.

Many of the innovations present in this machine which makes it different with respect to the other machines on the market.

  • Pass-through system with double loading door for separation between the contaminated and the clean areas
  • Super-extraction
  • Machine featuring the most sophisticated control systems Management and Safety
  • Dynamic lifting fins
  • Very high G-factor
  • Multigrade shock-absorbers
  • Convergent load balancing system
  • Suitable for Hospitals, Clinics, Rest Homes and for all those activities, where the separation of the dirty from the clean goods is necessary