Renzacci Manual Press

Universal ironing press with manual functioning and very easy to use and maintain. The movement of the upper head is operated by a pressure pedal, Padded head with live steam or polished, lower buck with live steam and vacuum. Both bucks are steam heated. Available either self-contained or ready for connection to external steam and vacuum supplies.

Version with padded head is available in the following shapes:

  • SP/U utility shape
  • SP/UP utility legger shape
  • SP/P legger shape
  • SP/B topper shape

Version with polished head is available in the following shapes:

  • SP/UL utility laundry shape
  • SP/UPL utility legger laundry shape
  • SP/PL legger laundry shape

Available options:

  • 9 or 20 liters boiler
  • Built-in vacuum
  • Steam iron assembly with electric steam iron or ALL STEAM Spotting gun Arm and shape
  • Anti-gloss teflon-coated head
  • Anti-gloss NOMEX cover for POLISHED hot head