Commercial Washing Machines

Renzacci Oceano System

Oceano is an exclusive system, because it can count on dedicated machines specifically studied by Renzacci to obtain High-quality cleanliness by means of a system that stands out for sustainability, energy recycling and reuse and for the innovative tech stream system with an optimal water loading factor that minimizes the mechanical action and maximizes the hydrokinetic washing action with the properties of the soap products.

  • Extremely reduced wash cycle times that can reach even less than 24 minutes
  • High-quality washing results with the exclusive “ Tech Stream” system with high dynamic wash action.
  • Particular cleaning efficiency even on grease stains,
  • Reduction of water consumption between 45-60%
  • Machines available in 3 sizes, 16KG(36LB), 22KG(48lb), 35KG(77lb)

Why Oceano?

In a sector, where many people promise miracles that in the end cannot be honoured, at last there is a revolutionary method based on truly professional treatment-in-water techniques. devised and realized to provide a clear and precise guideline to those who are tired of using semi-professional or even domestic washing machines.